Beginner Coaching

GFNY Coaching also offers resources for beginner cyclists who may be looking for in-person coaching and guidance instead of, or along with, a structured training plan. 

This style of training is perfect for new cyclists looking to develop their skills and comfort on the bike: beginning with the basics like riding position, shifting and gear choice, and how to eat and drink on the bike and moving into more advanced techniques like descending and riding in large pelotons.

GFNY Coach Vito Valentini

Hands-on training is available in the NYC area through GFNY Coach Vito Valentini. Vito brings over fifteen years of experience working with cyclists and specializes in working with beginner cyclists through in-person coaching. 

Vito's goal is to give you the foundational skills necessary for success, such as:

  • Proper position on the bike
  • Basic handling skills like shifting, braking, cornering, and eating and drinking on the bike
  • Intermediate handling skills like riding in the peloton, descending, and riding in pacelines
  • Learning the basics of training and nutrition for racing, training and indoor cycling.

Through his coaching, Vito has taken many riders from the beginner stage to finishing GFNY NYC, and in the process made them strong, skillful, well-rounded cyclists. If you are a new cyclist looking to compete in your first GFNY, Vito will help you get there. 

Vito is available for training plans with in-person sessions included, for private lessons, and for group lessons. 


Training with Vito

GFNY Coaching offers several options for in-person training with Vito.


  • $375/monthly
  • Two individual, in-person training sessions per month (also available via Zoom)
  • Training plan and guidance for all training done outside of in-person sessions
  • Extra sessions available for additional cost. 


  • Sessions are also offered individually or in bundles. 
  • Individual sessions are designed around the skill or skills you want to work on. 
  • Contact us for pricing information. 

Group Sessions

  • Small-group sessions are also available.
  • Group sessions are adapted to the ability of all participants and include classroom sessions, skill sessions and training rides
  • Pricing adapted to group size and number of sessions-contact us for detailed pricing