In-person Coaching

GFNY Coaching also offers resources for cyclists who may be looking for in-person coaching and guidance instead of, or along with, a structured training plan. 

This style of training is perfect for newer cyclists looking to develop their skills and comfort on the bike: beginning with the basics like riding position, shifting and gear choice, and how to eat and drink on the bike and moving into more advanced techniques like descending and riding in large pelotons.

GFNY Coach Vito Valentini

Hands-on training is available in the NYC area through GFNY Coach Vito Valentini. Vito brings over fifteen years of experience working with cyclists and specializes in working with novice and intermediate cyclists through in-person coaching. 

Here is how you would work with Vito, in his own words:
"If you sign up for coaching with me you can expect us to participate together in the following process:
● An initial phone or in-person discussion so that I may better understand your starting point, prior cycling experience, current condition, support system, goals and aspirations  and most importantly the reason for your wanting to work with a coach.
● We plan weekly. A typical plan would be 3 days on, one day off, 2 days on, one day off although everyone has different needs and goals and we therefore guide ourselves accordingly. Each program is unique to the athlete based on their starting point and goals.  We use Monday as the first day of the plan for everyone.
● Your personal well-being comes first, followed by helping you achieve some realistic goals topped off by helping you accomplish something you had not thought possible. Climbing Bear Mountain, five alpine repeats, finishing GFNY in under ''X'' hours are examples of aspirational goals.
● Your personal plan is delivered to you via Final Surge, the platform on which I set up your calendar and workouts and where you share the results of each of your rides and workouts. This format provides us with a simple method with which to share, store and analyze information.
● Cycling is a social sport. In order to offer a complete program I include coached group training rides for my students, typically one weekday morning or evening and one weekend day.  During the winter months the rides are typically via zoom on the Rouvy platform and include both structured workouts as well as GFNY specific routes.  For athletes who do not have indoor trainers  but perhaps have access to a peloton or other indoor bike you may join the ride via your smartphone or tablet.  
Program fees are $375 monthly. If you are based in and around NYC or are participating in GFNY NYC 2022 I would be happy to help you improve your cycling practice.
I look forward to working with you."