Hybrid in-person Coaching

For riders looking for a more hands-on approach to improving their cycling, GFNY Coaching also offers in-person coaching and lessons to riders in the NYC area. 

GFNY Coach Vito Valentini

For athletes local to the New York/New Jersey area GFNY Coaching offers hands-on training through Coach Vito Valentini who has over fifteen years of experience in helping people improve their lives through participation in cycling. Vito focus is working with novice and intermediate cyclists through in-person coaching.

Here is how you would work with Vito, in his own words:

“Thank you for considering choosing me as your Coach. If you sign up for coaching with me you can expect us to work together based on the following process:

  • An initial phone or in-person discussion so that I may better understand your starting point, prior cycling experience, current physical condition and confidence level, support system, goals and aspirations. I would also like to understand the outcome you expect from working with a coach.
  • Your personal well-being comes first, followed by helping you achieve your personal goals
  • We plan weekly based on your expected availability with a typical weekly plan of three days on, one day off, two days on, one day off.
  • We set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-constrained.
  • Your personal plan is typically delivered to you via Final Surge, the platform on which I set up your calendar and workouts and where you share the results of each of your rides and workouts.
  • Cycling is a social sport. To the extent we can ride together individually or in a coached group ride once or twice each week we do so. During the winter months, due to challenging weather and to accommodate athletes who are not in our local area I offer coached rides via an online platform.

This is our top-tier coaching program that would benefit anyone interested in not only riding their best-possible GFNY 2023; it will benefit anyone interested in improving their lives through participation in a cycling practice.

I look forward to working with you."

The base fee for the in-person coaching program is $300 with additional payments based on in-person and online sessions.