Course Guides

The GFNY Training Center provides you content focused on training topics like nutrition, cadence, and power, as well as course guides to GFNY races around the World.

You’ve done the training. You’ve practiced your nutrition plan. You did a complete maintenance of your bike. Great! You’ve done all you could do so that you and your bike are ready for race day. 
Now, the last important step: go into the race with a plan. Don’t merely go out and give it your all, all the time. Instead, be intentional about where you apply your efforts and plan where you take strategic recovery periods. Divide the course into sections and identify where the challenges lie in order to execute a successful race. Regardless if the race course is your home training ground or it's a 20hr journey from your home to your race destination hotel, to succeed in your best race, you must have a course strategy. 
First, be honest with yourself about your training, and your fitness and applying what you have built in the training process to your race day.