New member of the GFNY Coaching Team: Vito Valentini

GFNY Coaching is proud to announce Vito Valentini as the newest member of our coaching team.

Vito has a long involvement with GFNY, having ridden in the inaugural edition of GFNY, as well as having led GFNY Gruppo Sportivo training rides for the past 8 winters, helping riders prepare for GFNY NYC.

Vito’s specialty is working with new cyclists and beginners, especially via in-person lessons and coaching. He gives GFNY Coaching the ability to offer hands-on coaching to riders in the New York area who may not be looking just for a training plan, but someone to help them get comfortable with their bike handling skills and prepare for the technical demands of racing GFNY events.

Vito’s hands-on curriculum is designed to give cyclists the foundational skills necessary for success, such as:

  • Proper position on the bike
  • Basic handling skills like shifting, braking, cornering, and eating and drinking on the bike
  • Intermediate handling skills like riding in the peloton, descending, and riding in pacelines
  • Learning the basics of training and nutrition for racing, training and indoor cycling.

If you’re a cyclist in the NYC area, and looking for a coach with experience giving hands-on, in-person training, Vito is your man.

Vito, always willing to lend a helping hand.