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Welcome to GFNY Coaching, your virtual performance center. You are in the right place to find quality coaching, information on preparing for GFNY events, and help with nutrition, training, and everything else related to cycling performance.

Because to Be a Pro For a Day, you need the fitness to match

Most GFNY riders aren’t pros. But if you want to make the most of your Be a Pro For a Day experience and enjoy GFNY to the fullest, fitness, nutrition and a pair of strong legs can help. And good coaching can help you get them.

Maybe your goal is to finish the Bear 50 at GFNY NYC. Maybe it’s to join the #Breaking5 club and smash your PB on the GFNY NYC 100 mile course. Or maybe it’s to fly up the Cols of GFNY Vaujany or crush the strade bianche of GFNY Italia.

No matter your goals or level of experience in cycling, with GFNY Coaching you get personalized training plans, advice, and guidance to focus on your goal event. Whether you have a couple of months to tune-up, or half a year to change yourself completely as a rider, you will be ready to hit that PB, get your highest placing ever, or just finish your first GFNY Race.

Our Team

Christian Parrett

Christian Parrett is your Coaching Platform Manager and Head Coach. He possesses years of experience in the sport as a racer and coach, and looks forward to helping you prepare for your GFNY competitions.

Christian heads up coaching for GFNY, and works with athletes remotely. He's an expert at preparing riders for race day, no matter if they're experienced racers or first-time competitors. 

Vito Valentini

Vito is your NYC-area based coach specializing in working hands-on with clients. Vito is a longtime GFNY competitor, but his real passion in cycling is teaching the intricacies of the sport to newer cyclists.

Vito is available for in-person coaching and lessons in the NYC area. 

Learn More

  • Ready to surpass your goals and arrive to race day with your best form ever? Click here to learn more about GFNY Coaching and find the plan that works for you. 
  • Interested in learning more about training or nutrition? Check out our Training Guide page, where you can learn about important topics that will help you grow as a cyclist. 
  • Want to know more about the terrain and challenges of an upcoming GFNY race? Need some tips on strategy? Check out our Course Guide page, where you can learn about GFNY race courses and prepare your strategy for race day. 

Perks of GFNY Coaching


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Indoor Season: Tips to Get the Most out of Your Trainer

28 Nov 2020

Winter is coming, the clocks have been set back an hour, and the sun is setting earlier each day. For most of you, this signals the transition into your off-season training, and a big uptick

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New member of the GFNY Coaching Team: Vito Valentini

27 Nov 2020

GFNY Coaching is proud to announce Vito Valentini as the newest member of our coaching team. Vito has a long involvement with GFNY, having ridden in the inaugural edition of GFNY, as well as having

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Guía del Recorrido de GFNY Manta

23 Nov 2020

Ahora que se acerca el día de la carrera en GFNY Manta, es hora de familiarizarte con el recorrido y comenzar a pensar en cómo te enfrentarás el día de la carrera. Siempre vale la

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GFNY Manta Course Guide

23 Nov 2020

With race day at GFNY Ecuador approaching, it’s time to get familiar with the course and start thinking about how you’ll tackle race day. It’s always worth some time to learn a bit about the

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Off-Season Tips to Improve Your Climbing

20 Nov 2020

One thing is universal among cyclists: we all want to improve our climbing! Those of us who suffer on the climbs want to improve our weakness in the hills, and the mountain goats among us

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GFNY 2011

13 Nov 2020


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GFNY Coaching Case Study: GFNY Colombia, 2018 vs 2019

13 Nov 2020

There is nothing more gratifying for the coaching team at GFNY than helping athletes bust through plateaus and accomplish things they thought were beyond them. And although GFNY Coaching is brand new, your GFNY Coach,

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AthletesRace Analysis

What does it take to finish on the podium of the GFNY World Championship?

07 Nov 2020

The slogan of GFNY is “Be a Pro for a Day,” because it gives every rider the chance to race an event with closed roads, exciting courses, and production value that equals or exceeds what

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Greetings from Sebring!

02 Nov 2020

GFNY Florida Marked the Return to Racing, Meeting the Mayor, and Getting a Peak Under the Big Top of GFNY And a happy Halloween to all! We are now a week out from the #GFNYRoadTrip.

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GFNY Cozumel Course Guide

28 Oct 2020

GFNY Cozumel GFNY Cozumel is unique in that it’s the flattest event on the GFNY calendar. Despite that, it’s one of our most interesting courses, with miles and miles of fast racing, endless views of

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GFNY Florida Sebring 2020 Race Video

25 Oct 2020

Find out more at!  

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Get Pumped for NYC 2021

19 Oct 2020

   100 miles George Washington Bridge Alpine Hill Bear Mountain Cheesecote Mountain Gate Hill Road Dyckman Hill   Your Finisher Medal

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Punta del Este

Punta del Este Course Guide

08 Oct 2020

GFNY Punta del Este Course Strategy   Preparing for GFNY Punta del Este? It’s important to make sure that your training, nutrition, and equipment are all on point. But, in your final prep for the

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Mechanical checklist before leaving for GFNY Florida Sebring

02 Oct 2020

by GFNY’s resident pro, Matthias Van Aken You’ve trained, you’ve planned the trip, and you are ready to head to GFNY Florida for a one-of-a-kind GFNY racing experience. You’ve set goals and put the

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A Basic Guide to Tapering

01 Oct 2020

A Basic Guide to Tapering You’ve been training hard for months, and now you’re only a few weeks away from your GFNY event. You want to be sure your legs are strong but fresh on

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GFNY Alpes Vaujany: the be-a-pro-for-a-day feeling on French Alpine giants

29 Sep 2020

Written by Bram de Vrind, @defietsjournalist With a course over the Col de la Croix-de-Fer (2068 m) and Col du Glandon (1924 m), GFNY Alpes Vaujany brings the be-a-pro-for-a-day feeling for cyclists to the French

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Bike SetupTraining

Cadence Training to Master Any Terrain

28 Sep 2020

Most of your training as a cyclist is designed to make you more powerful: intervals to build high-end power, endurance rides to develop your ability to ride fast over many hours, sprints to polish your

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The Basics of Strength Training for Cyclists

28 Sep 2020

Strength training for cyclists used to be a controversial subject, but a recent boom in scientific research into the subject has begun to turn that tide. Study after study is showing that cyclists can benefit

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On-the-Bike Nutrition Guide

28 Sep 2020

On-the-bike nutrition is one of the keys to performance during long events like GFNY races. Developing a nutrition strategy takes knowledge of best practices followed by planning, practice, and training. In this guide, we’re going

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2021 GFNY Race Gear

15 Sep 2020

The New 2021 GFNY Race Gear     Bib shorts Race 2021 Specifically developed for GFNY: race ready but with long distance comfort. New style: slightly longer cuffs. Features: anatomical fit four needle flat stitchings

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How to Reach Your Goals at GFNY Florida Sebring

15 Sep 2020

by GFNY’s resident pro, Matthias Van Aken Set Your Goals and Start Planning Your Race Now Believe it or not, GFNY Florida is just around the corner! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered no

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The 2021 GFNY NYC jersey

14 Sep 2020

You will wear this jersey at the 10th edition of GFNY World Championship NYC on May 16, 2021. To commemorate the special occasion of celebrating the 10th edition, GFNY’s design team obsessed about green, with

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New YorkNYC

How to Tackle GFNY NYC

09 May 2019

A guide to racing the GFNY Championship NYC course, by the ride leaders and ambassadors that know it best.   by Chris Geiser   Let’s start here. This is a challenging day on the bike.

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